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Welcome to Domno!
We're so happy to have you.

If you already have your Facebook & Instagram pages, Ad Account, Pixel, and Domain connected to your Business Manager, please click HERE. Otherwise simply follow the steps below:

Your settings should look like this. If it doesn't, please either create a business manager account or get in touch.

2) On the left panel under Accounts, please make sure your Facebook page and Instagram account are connected to your Business Manager

Pages Page.png

3) Head to Ad Accounts

Ad Account.png

If you don't already have an ad account connected, please press the blue "Add" button to create a new one. This is where you will connect your ad spend payment method and where all the ad will be running from.

Adding Ad Account.png

Click "Create a New Ad Account" and follow the prompt. You will see this message:

Ad Account Prompt.png

Make sure to select "My business" and hit Create. On the following prompt, enter the payment method you'd like to use for the ad spend. You can access the payment methods later by clicking HERE.

4) Head to Pixels


If you don't already have a Pixel, please press the blue "Add" button to create a new one.

When making a new pixel, you will see this prompt:


Simply press "Continue Managing My Business."

5) Head to Domains


If you do NOT have a verified domain with Facebook, please set up a time to Zoom so we can go through this process together.

Partner Step

6) Last step! Go to Partners

Partners Page.png

Click "Add" and select "Give a partner access to your assets"

6a) Paste this ID: 270001361344957, and hit "Next"

Business ID.png

6b) Give access to your Facebook Page, Ad Account, Instagram Account, and Pixel. Please enable all permissions on the Facebook Pixel and Ad Account. Then hit "Save Changes"

Instructions Gif.gif

You're all set! We look forward to working together.

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